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Tipping Point For The Interactive Annual Report?

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The ARC Awards are the longest running international annual report competition (30th anniversary this year!) I was honored to serve on the panel of ARC’s 60 worldwide judges for 2014 and 2015—which means spending quality time with several hundred of the thousands of excellent reports entered from all over the globe and many different industries. So, the ARC awards field of entries are a good proxy for the AR field in general.

Corporate annual reports occupy a unique role in 21st century communications. The financials are—at least for many organizations—reviewed by outside auditors, and must conform to legal and accounting rules. They also have the attention and usually participation of senior management. For these reasons, annual reports have a degree of credibility not accorded to advertising, social media, PR, or to any other form of corporate communication.

Technology is driving change: While the investment community has always been at the forefront of technology, investor relations professionals have necessarily proceeded in more cautious steps. ARC founder and president Reni Witt reports that printed annual reports are still the majority—interactive comprise only 12% of annuals submitted to ARC for FY 2015. But that’s up from 2% in FY 2011. And there is still a tremendous outpouring of creativity and production fireworks being lavished on printed annual reports. Perhaps more important than the numbers is the quality. The creative tools for interactive are different than print, but are finally getting sophisticated enough that interactive annual reports can be both expressive of the company and produced quickly enough for Investor Relations timetables. In 2015, annual reporting in interactive form have really started to come out of the shadows of their printed predecessors, and the potential impact for investor relations is seismic.

A new narrative form: Printed annual reports are essentially a linear narrative—the order of the presentation is controlled by the corporate writer. Interactive reports, with their video, animations, and hyperlinked objects are a more heuristic, reader-curated narrative. Some AR’s include a search function, which allows the serious analyst to drill down to their specific area of interest quickly. Catering to the analyst and serious investor is tremendously important. As the IR community gets more serious about in depth reporting and good navigation, the investing community will spend time with interactive reports, and the inflection point will be at hand. If we’re not there yet, we’re very close.

2015 TippingPoint Graphic_wInBriefLogo_944x400_LinkedInHow does this switch from linear narrative to hypermedia change the annual report’s credibility factor? What are the emerging trends and opportunities for a closer bond between the corporate management and stakeholders? Our August issue of InBrief Tipping Point for the Interactive Annual Report? discusses these issues, along with snapshots from and links to 4 interactive annual reports representing different approaches to Interactive Annual Reporting.

David Laufer amidst Annual ReportsDavid Laufer is Managing Partner of Atlanta-based BrandBook LLC, which specializes in branding, investor relations, and awards consultation. He currently serves as a design consultant to the government of Indonesia, as well as corporations and NGO’s in the US and UK. His multi-year engagement with PGN, the natural gas utility of Indonesia, has helped PGN’s Investor Relations team garner more than 40 awards. He writes for Design Intelligence and is the author of Dialogues with Creative Legends (Pearson, 2013).

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Daimler Branding “Hi-Yo, Silver”

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If you are interested in branding, be sure to catch Armin’s write up of the new Daimler corporate graphics, rich with examples of its implementation, posted onUnder Consideration. I’d like to augment what Armin is saying, and direct you to a must-have annual report.

I share Armin’s unease with the faux chrome iteration of the Daimler brand mark (a throwback to less sophisticated era in branding in the ‘80’s, see visual.)

Nothing wrong with the faux-chrome look, it just seems Daimler is not in that world. And of course, Armin points out that there the faux-chrome is just one of many possible uses of the Daimler brand mark. So, set that aside. Daimler does so many other things to such perfection, they are worthy of textbook status in Expertise-Based branding. It’s a classic ‘house of brands’ approach: the individual brands have their own identities and can be sold or recapitalized without harming the mother-ship. The company is valuable for the brands it owns; at the same time, each of those brands is more valuable because of the management prowess of Daimler. Daimler brings a management expertise that gives the brands their aura.

Nowhere is this more apparent in Daimler’s 2014 annual report. The League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) ranked it #3 globally in the 2014’s crop of shareholder communications—for good reason.

Daimler carried through their metallic look in an understated, orderly, beautifully designed presentation. Everything about the organization, photography, graphic presentation, print production, paper selection, contributes to a feel of incredible precision. Nothing is an angstrom out of place! If you have anything to do with branding, call in a favor with your stock broker and lay hands on a copy of Daimler’s 2014 annual report – it’s a stunner. It certainly gets my vote the most perfect synthesis of brand statement and investor relations publication ever produced! (You can also set up an account at and get them while they last)

Hi- YO, Daimler, great job.

150x135DaveOnWindfallDeckDavid Laufer is Managing Partner of BrandBook LLC, an Atlanta based design firm specializing in branding for expertise-based enterprises. He is the author of Dialogues with Creative Legends, Aha Moments in a Designer’s Career (New Riders, 2012). He is a founding trustee of the Atlanta Chapter of AIGA, the professional association for Design, and is active in Little Free Libraries, a global literacy action movement.