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Branding Big Businesses

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Article “5 of the Best Ways to Brand Your Big Business” by Melissa Duko

Good article! Three thoughts:

1) Most Big-Brand owners will find few surprises in this article, but it’s worth a look for owners of emerging brands—from formation to early hyper-growth stage, to help them see the road ahead.

2) The important driver is a solid understanding of “Why invest in branding?” The brand is where the equity collects in repeat purchases—it’s the company’s reward for dependable repeat performances, and for smooth customer experience end to end. (The “big Why” behind the method is always crucial to include!”

3) The framework shown here is a good starting point—but it isn’t a template for a guaranteed success. No two companies are the same. The heavy lifting of brand excellence revolves around customizing just such a framework so that it correctly articulates the brand, marketplace and time in history. Branding is all about differentiation, and differentiation does not come from templates.

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David LauferDavid Laufer is Managing Partner of BrandBook LLC, an Atlanta based design firm specializing in branding for expertise-based enterprises. He is the author of Dialogues with Creative Legends, Aha Moments in a Designer’s Career (New Riders, 2012). He is a founding trustee of the Atlanta Chapter of AIGA, the professional association for Design, and is active in Little Free Libraries, a global literacy action movement.