PGN 2012 Investor Communications package, including annual report, sustainability report, a “baby book” for quick themes, and the complete kit in digital form, are neatly packaged in a poly vinyl slipcase.
Sample spreads from the introductory section to the Annual Report showing the implementation of the “More than a Pipeline” theme.
ENERGY FOR LIFE, also dubbed the “Baby Book”, is a separate 4″ x 4″ booklet accompanying the AR kit. It features six broad themes about PGN’s franchise in a beguiling, ultra quick format.


PGN (The state natural gas distribution company of Indonesia)

INDUSTRY POSITION: PGN is the largest distributor of natural gas in Indonesia, a nation of more 240 million people encompassing 17,000 islands. PGN is one of the nation’s largest companies by market capitalization. Though more than 50 years old, it is widely regarded as one of Indonesia’s most entrepreneurial companies, participating in joint ventures and many innovative pilot programs.
ASSIGNMENT: Robert Roth and David Laufer were initially engaged as awards consultants, to assist PGN’s IR team in raising the visibility of PGN in western capital markets; the engagement grew to include creative direction on Annual Report and Sustainability Reporting, investor communications strategy and messaging.
BRANDING STRATEGY: The Indonesian reporting requirements necessitate a hefty publication—500 pages of annual report and 275 pages of sustainability reporting. To make it more immediately approachable, we created an investor communications package that included a 12 page “Baby Book” that introduces to investors the young members of Indonesia’s rising consumer class. While the majority of its revenue was pipeline, PGN wanted to emphasize its strategic shift to upstream and downstream ventures. “More than a Pipeline Play” became the driving subtext to the annual report’s visual presentation, symbolized by the large, dynamic circles in the layout.
RESULTS: Due to strong leadership, good branding, and an alert investor relations team, PGN’s securities outperformed its peer group and the broader Indonesian market averages. Despite currency fluctuations and turbulent petrol prices, PGN’s stock price and earnings have remained stable, a testament to investor confidence.

Gold Award:
Overall Presentation
Energy Sector
Gold Award:
Asia Pacific Region
Sliver Award

AWARDS: The 2012 investor communications package was awarded the global #1 ranking—out of more than 6,000 entries— by the LACP awards, as well as more than a dozen other awards.