“It isn’t what you know, it’s who…” applies to brand associations as well as individuals.

Designing Valuable Brands” is often a multi-generational enterprise. Especially in professional services brands, the reputation of the team, the ecosystem, matters to the success of the brand.

Making brands more valuable to more people is our central activity.

BrandBook originates visual branding systems. We also provide creative services to refresh and redefine existing brands. Growing the monetary value of the brands is a by product; a reward to the brand owner for dedicated service to the needs of others.

Prospectus disclosure requirements govern many design decisions in financial presentation. In addition, developing infographics to explain investment opportunities are a crucial part of the design process. 


INDUSTRY POSITION: Founded in 1899, Legg Mason is a diversified asset manager, serving individual and institutional investors on six continents. Legg Mason’s assets under management aggregated to $707.1 billion. Legs Mason U.S. Real Estate Advisors was founded to offer European investors the growth potential and tax advantages of US real estate.
ASSIGNMENT: Create a sub-brand tied closely to the Legg Mason identity, and apply the sub-brand to project marketing collateral. The branding system needed to accommodate co-branding with European investment banks. It was set up as a digital asset management (DAM) system to allow new product offerings to be pulled into a digital template and distributed quickly.
RESULTS: We developed a project structure allowed creation of clean, consistently branded offerings deployable in hours anywhere within the LEGG affiliate system.


INDUSTRY POSITION: Brown Industries is a full service supplier of promotions, sampling and displays supporting retailers and manufacturers in flooring, sports and general retail goods. WilsonArt is a leading supplier of laminates for interior design.
ASSIGNMENT: Conceptual exploration for new specifier kits. Specifiers—architects and interior designers—are a crucial component of the purchasing equation. Competition for shelf space and attention in the specifier’s offices is intense. Creative presentation must also take into account ease of use, and balance manufacturing and shipping expenses.


INDUSTRY POSITION: Bentley Prince Street is a niche company in mid to upper level contract broadloom carpet. They were also among the very first floor coverings companies to embrace carbon neutral manufacturing—with solar and wind power for their factory in the late 1970’s.
ASSIGNMENT: BPS has an investment in a modular system of carpet sample boxes used for all their specification grades. Though the packages were attractive and the branding well recognized, sales force reported customer comments that the boxes were difficult to reload and close after each use. We created several prototypes, carefully studying the environmental needs and unit costs. The new design is identical to the existing modular system in appearance and dimension, it utilized hidden magnets for quick, one-handed opening. The design also allowed Brown Industries to manufacture the boxes in accordance with BPS’s strict mission zero requirements for environmental impact.


INDUSTRY POSITION: Armstrong is a leading manufacturer of resilient surface flooring with $2.5 B in annual sa.es. has a well defined brand hierarchy for its many product areas. and is an industry leader in many of the segments in which it competes.
ASSIGNMENT: Conceptual exploration for new specifier kits. We created a dozen structural concepts in wire frame form for quick visualization and evaluation of production costs. From these exploratory sketches prototypes and production artwork.