ReelTrack® cable inventory and installation system

Industry Position:

ECS provides technical support for complex electrical cable used in heavy industry.


Expand ECS’s high touch service philosphy beyond ordering and fulfillment—to streamline the customer’s entire workflow.

Project Précis:

Brandbook provided concept and design intent documents, then collaborated with ECS’s in-house engineers and mobile developer Monumental Interactive to create the cable industry’s first Inventory Management App for industrial electric cable. Its innovation is to use bar codes and mobile devices to track every reel of industrial cable, from ordering through, delivery, installation, all the way to the recycling of the empty reel.

Brand Strategy:

The complexity of cable inventory (ECS has supplied more than 15,000 unique cable configurations) and the entrenched work habits at many large organizations were signficant hurdles. So two are the challenges of data collection on construction sites and warehouses. The interface for ReelTrack had to be absolutely as simple to use as possible. ECS carefully field tested their system for more than 18 months, paying attention to user comments. The ReelTrack user interface is an important brand touchpoint- so is the training and troubleshooting.


ReelTrack® has been hailed as revolutionary by managers of large industrial construction. For those who have implemented the ReelTrack workflow, efficiency of cable utilizatation has increased by as much as 12%. Importantly, the ReelTrack has brought ECS industry-wide recognition as the premiere brand for innovation and service excellence.