Exhibition booth for the 2015 World Gas Conference, Versailles, France

Industry Position: IGA is a consortium of 25 major industries with interests in Indonesia’s natural gas industry. Indonesia is a nation of 240 million people with more than 2.83 trillion m3 (100 Trillion cu.ft.) of proven reserves. Indonesia’s logistical requirements are as complex as anywhere in the world; its population comprises more than 30 major language groups and an archipelago of 17,000 islands. It is also the world’s largest Muslim democracy with a fast growing middle class.
Assignment: BrandBook was engaged by IGA to design a 115 m2 (1240 sq.ft.) exhibit promoting Indonesia’s natural gas sector. Its principal purpose was to brief institutional investors—a highly knowledgeable audience— on the nation’s infrastructure development opportunities. The exhibition needed to demonstrate the professionalism of IGA members, the huge growth potential of the market, and a government with clear resolve.
Brand Strategy: Projecting the correct image for IGA’s exhibit was crucial. Indonesia’s global image still lags the reality—and this exhibit’s main goal was to present the dynamism of modern Indonesia. The booth included networked motion graphics, an interactive wall map and private conference space. Media presentations demonstrated the modern design and planning that are propelling the country forward. The exhibition also featured a selection of Indonesia’s incomparable Java and Sumatran coffees.
Impact: The heady aroma of roasting Java beans, the persuasive information graphics, and the great investment potential drew more than 2500 executives and delegates to IGA’s exhibit, resulting in significant new partnerships and commitments for foreign direct investment.
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