Electrical Cable Specialists

Industry Position: ECS is a distributor of specialized electrical cable used in heavy industry, transit and power transmission. A small organization in an industry of Goliaths, ECS has prospered by being agile and innovative.

Assignment: Rebranding; development of marketing programs and sub brands, extending the brand into all outward communications, including interactive, sales promotion, signage, mobile, promotion, customer training materials, and investor relations.

Brand Strategy: Brandbook made a study of the competitive landscape, then conducted interviews with key clients and vendors. The findings pinpointed customer triggers and dissatisfactions; these became the foundation of a brand strategy for long term growth. ECS differentiates from its large competitors through technical expertise and end-to-end service. By conducting yearly customer and vendor interviews, BrandBook has supported ECS in aggressively developing new branded services. By offering expertise and services ECS has established a new top tier in its marketplace.

Result: ECS management made branding and market research high priorities from day 1. Its portfolio of branded services has created a level of loyalty. Operational excellence and relentless customer outreach drove a 500% increase in sales over 7 years. Also, word of the high service levels drive inquiries; effectively reducing marketing expenses and improving margins.

In expertise-based branding, every place the brand reaches the customer must be viewed as an opportunity. Reel tags- though very utilitarian, are an excellent opportunity to pair the brand message with the positive experience of inventory control—an ECS exclusive.