BROWN INDUSTRIES CORPORATE SYNERGY —Brown Industries is an integrated manufacturer of retail sales promotion materials. To demonstrate the value to customers of the different services on offer, this infographic places the marketing manager at the top, the marketplace of purchasers at the bottom. In the middle are the many tools and channels needed to serve the marketplace. Brown’s account management and creative services offerings help marketing managers control their entire program with ease. Renderings in Sketchup software by Ben Haygood.

PGN CORPORATE HISTORY —To tell the story of PGN’s growth, a linear time line is combined with iconography, text, and visuals. The goal is to demonstrate the exponential growth of population and energy use, while still highlighting important milestones. In addition to the narrative milestones, the history shows snapshots of the growth of Indonesia’s population and natural gas consumption.

PGN CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY UNIVERSE —Some infographics explain precise relationships. This one uses a harmonious design to indicate the interconnectedness of expertise, capital, and stakeholder interests in a highly complex relationship. Using mind mapping software, we studied a variety of configurations to identify one that combined visual beauty with correct connections between elements.

PEACHTREE ROAD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH —This demonstration video was an byproduct of renderings made for the book Filled With Light (see Books that Inspire elsewhere in the portfolio section.) The renderings were made from early architectural drawings to show the church campus has grown through the years. Renderings created in Maya software by architectural illustrator Ann Otterness.